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Sumatra Single-Origin - French Press:
Dark roast, earthy and herbal with a smooth mouthfeel.


hw.optional.arm.FEAT_BF16: 1


Deploying RHEL9. I have to create custom iso files with a kickstart file within our environment and I discovered the mkksiso command within the Lorax package. This makes creating iso files with a kickstart file so easy, no more dumping the iso contents and modifying configuration files.


Brushing up on my Python skills and experimenting with Rust heavily these days.


I have started playing around on IRC again, it has been a long time. I keep a tmux session live on a Oracle Cloud free tier node. So far I like the Rizon server the best. Honestly found the channels on LiberaChat a bit boring. If you have servers and channels you recommend, send me an email via contact. The LiberaChat channels seemed clicky with heavy handed admins. I lurked mostly, but saw people kicked for virtually no reason.