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Hershey Nib Coffee - Ghana coffee and dried cacao beans - French Press:
Subtle chocolate flavor with deep earthy, nutty flavor.


hw.optional.arm.FEAT_BF16: 1
Continuing a deep dive into OpenBSD and NetBSD. I am a longtime FreeBSD user, but I have never worked with OpenBSD and NetBSD. NetBSD is currently my favorite, I love the minimal build. Currently using as VM server and also I have a desktop installed.


Deploying RHEL9. I have to create custom iso files with a kickstart file within our environment and I discovered the mkksiso command within the Lorax package. This makes creating iso files with a kickstart file so easy, no more dumping the iso contents and modifying configuration files.


Brushing up on my Python skills and experimenting with Rust heavily these days.


Continuing to play golf regularly.


I believe I am attempting to perform Nordic curls for the first time in my life. These are no joke, very humbling.