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FreeBSD BeastieI am a long time user of FreeBSD but usually have little opportunity to use the operating system other than my FreeNAS server. A few years ago I ran my domains from a FreeBSD server here at my home, but when I switched internet providers I could not get port forwarding to work as I suspect the FIOS router had a bug with this feature. I was not blogging anymore and had nothing else I considered urgent so I just spun up a Linode server to meet any needs. Recently I decided it would be convenient if my personal wiki were available to me on the web and I looked at port forwarding once again. My router has gone through numerous firmware updates since I originally set it up and lo and behold port forwarding worked flawlessly. It felt like FreeBSD has been receiving a lot of news cycles around the tech world recently, so I decided I would move my domains back home and hosted on FreeBSD.

I have no issues with Linux, I spend 90% of all my work days working on Red Hat Linux servers and use a variety of Linux distros on desktop computers at work and at home. I just like to stay familiar with other Unix like operating systems. After reading a few articles recently I have been thinking that I might replace my ageing Macbook with a cheap FreeBSD laptop in the near future. This just seemed like a good opportunity to familiarize myself with the latest FreeBSD if I choose to forego another Mac or running a Debian or Red Hat flavor in the future.