Am I a coffee snob, probably, but I have also consumed a lot of bad coffee. I discovered my true love of coffee when I dropped the additives, which was some time back in the 1990s. I used to blog about coffee on my earliest of blogs, I featured coffee mugs I either owned or that others owned and had sent me photos and reviewed coffee and some coffee makers. I like coffee, I enjoy really good premium coffee and know what a great coffee is, but I am not a coffee sommelier like some of the folks that have the incredibly detailed blogs and social media accounts. I have a Bonavita Drip coffee maker that I use a few times a year when entertaining family, but I mostly use my French Press, which makes just enough for me to enjoy a few cups each day.

I always liked the AEROPRESS and honestly you would be doing the world a favor switching to an AEROPRESS over the Keurig one cup coffee makers. It is more cleanup, but if you are having one cup at home the AEROPRESS makes an amazing cup of coffee, way better than anything you can get from Keurig. Honestly, I am surprised Keurig even won the pod coffee maker wars, their coffee has never been good. There was a far better machine that used tea bag like pods that made a better cup of coffee if you found a quality source of coffee for the machine, nevermind how much better for the environment it was than the plastic Keurig pods. Still, none of the pod makers can hold a torch to the quality of the AEROPRESS.

As a person who always has more than one cup of coffee, I feel my French Press makes just as good coffee as the AEROPRESS and I can enjoy 30 ounces or so of coffee. I own the Le Creuset Stoneware French Press, which stays hot for an hour or two. I also keep my mug on a VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer when at my desk. The key to any coffee mug warmer is finding a flat bottom coffee mug. I have several I have found over the years. These are harder to find than you would think.

While brewing and enjoying a cup with the foam and oil visible in my mug I thought it might be interesting to share what coffee I am having on a weekly or so basis. I mostly get easy to find coffee, like Starbucks or Peet's but I do visit local roasters from time to time and bring their beans home. I was trying to think of a good place to share this and thought it would be a great use for my Now Page. It is after all, what I am doing now. I do not do affiliate links, but all the items I mentioned are available on Amazon. I do however accept someone buying me a cup of coffee if you ever felt so inclined.