Hello World


This begins my adventure back into blogging, which I did for many years on various domains. After over 10 years of blogging I took a break as most of my online posting activities took place on social media. Recently I had the itch to start writing again and thought I might be interested in sharing some of my adventures in regards to running, weight training, beer drinking, IT debauchery and who knows what else.

I have no idea where this new adventure will take me or if it will be a lasting interest or a last glimmer into my previous love of online hobbies. From the early days I took part in BBS, ran my own forums multiple times and I even had a hand in starting the first fantasy football league podcast which I continued with my friend for quite a few years until we grew tired of the project. The truth is we lost any significant listener base to ESPN and the like. At around the same time I took my then current blog, exported all the posts to a file and printed the material into a hardcover book and promptly shut that blog down. If you knew what to look for you could find all my old blogs, forums and websites on the Internet Archives but those stories are for another day and another post.

What I am getting at is that I have been down this road before and I do not intend to make any promises or have any grand ideas about what this might become. In the last two years I have become serious about my distance running and during the long runs I find I have lots of time to think and collect my thoughts. During these runs I started to think that it might be beneficial for me and maybe beneficial or even entertaining to others if at times I record what thoughts I collect during those moments of quiet solitude.