A Little More About Buffv2


When I decided to code a new backend for this website, replacing a backend I started coding at least 15 years ago, I hoped it would inspire me to code more and also blog again. The initial coding of a static site generator was pretty quick, just to get something running using markdown and python is a simple script. I realized right away that I could build off my first go at it and make things better. Just like when I coded Buffv1, I have been inspired to expand and add features.

I have spent time ensuring that Buffv2 generates a website that remains small, fast and simple. Just as I love having my documentation in all text, I am finding I love having my website entirely in text files as opposed to a database. I have thought for sometime that the web in general was trying too hard to display what is essentially mostly text with undo colorful framing. When I read a book, I do not want the text in little boxes, unless it is a comic book. Sure there are times where a graphic is needed, but mostly our web has been constrained into little boxes so that the rest can be used for advertising.

I staticly generate the website with the html minimized as much as possible and I do not collect any analytics. I do not know how many people visit this website or anything about those that do. If I am using Ublock Origin when I surf the web it would be unfair for me to track you on my website.

A few things that one can do with text is as I mentioned, assure the html is minimized to the max, assure the file date matches the date of the post and generate a simple sitemap on the fly each time you generate a new post. The experiment of coding a new backend has been enjoyable and I plan to keep widdling away at the code to see what I can improve and what else I can come up with.