NetBSD Server


I would guess that I qualify as a greybeard, I have worked in IT since 1990 and I do have a greybeard. But more so, I started my professional career on the mainframe and even had Linux and AIX guests on the mainframe. I used unix in college and I have worked with SunOS, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX at one time or another for over a period of two decades. I worked many years with Unix operating systems and have always enjoyed learning about old and new Unix-like operating systems. About a year ago, I moved this blog from FreeBSD to Linux for no particular reason. In the past month I have been experimenting with OpenBSD and NetBSD and found I quite liked the minimalism of NetBSD and building what I want from it. Within the last few days I migrated my code and have NetBSD powering this blog.

Let me be clear, I had zero issues with my Debian VM, this was just me being a geek and deciding I wanted to do some things with some other Unix-like operating systems. There was a piece of my blogging setup that was built with Ruby, I never really fell in love with Ruby, I am not a Ruby fan and I wanted to rebuild that part of my setup for sometime. I decided to use this hosting move to rip that part of my blogging setup out and recode it. Currently, everything is written in Python with some small pieces of automation written in shell script. The blogging software feels a little more streamlined and portable with out of the box software now with the Ruby gone.

I obviously could have done this same thing on Linux. I spend my entire working day at the Linux command line. I just really wanted to broaden my Unix skills and try an OS I never really worked with before that still felt somewhat comfortable. Hobby projects like this appease the greybeard in me. If I ever get my hands on IRIX watchout!