Redesign toward Minimalism


I have had a minimal design for a few years now, but it has also been a few years since I looked at the design and tweaked it. When you already have a minimal web design, it is not much of a change, usually going toward another minimal design. Also, due to my templating system applying a redesign is pretty painless. I went even more minimal without losing any of the functionality.

So, why the redesign? I felt I had some cleanup, particularly with some of the older posts written before I rewrote my site generator. The old PHP system utilized a lot more HTML to get things the way I wanted them, and when I migrated those posts to my static site generator, I was always a little annoyed with how they looked. I also continued to do some things the way I did them with the old posts I wrote in a WYSIWYG editor I had built into Buffv1. With Buffv2, I am using Markdown, and I knew I could do some of those old things more cleanly, and I was correct.

The new IronGeek is much smaller while presenting things more skillfully. I could make the page even smaller, but there would not be much point. I want to keep some hidden indieweb pieces to support that side of the internet. I have felt motivated to build some more projects and hopefully continue writing here. So I wanted a fresh canvas for what I intend and hope to come next.