Iomega Zip Drive Serving a Web Page


UPDATE - 2023/11/20 - If you are here to visit my Zip Drive, I powered down the hardware the Zip Drive was attached to. As of that day, the 30+ year old Zip Drive was still functioning.

I was cleaning out drawers in the home office, and inside the bottom drawer was my trusty old Iomega Zip drive. Once again, I was curious, does it still work? What could I do with it instead of letting it sit in a drawer? I decided to serve a single page from one of the disks and see if some regular use finally brings an end to this nearly 30-year-old piece of hardware. You can visit my Zip drive right now.

I imagine many would wonder why I would even bother with this. I thought it might be fun; the hardware has no real purpose today. So I just decided to do something silly with it. The page is pretty dull right now; if the drive lasts for a while, I will try to come up with something more interesting to put on the page. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.