Mac Mini M2 2023


Mac Mini M2In 2021, I wrote about my decision to buy the new Mac Mini M1, my setup and the other setups I had considered, including a Raspberry PI desktop setup. I finally opted for the Mac Mini M1 with a plan to upgrade it frequently at low cost every few years. In early 2023, I made my first upgrade and sold my original Mac Mini M1 for half the cost of buying a new Mac Mini M2.

Initially, I chose the lowest-tier Mac Mini M1, and it proved to be a reliable choice for two years. As I was using virtual machines on the M1, I had no performance issues. However, when the Mac Mini M2 was released at a reduced cost, I couldn't resist upgrading my setup. This time, I doubled the storage and memory, as I intended to do more with virtualization. By selling my M1, I was able to pay much less for the new Mac Mini than I had paid two years before.

There have been no significant changes to my workflow or setup since then. I just wanted to update that the strategy of frequent upgrades is paying off. The only caveat is that I sold the M1 myself, as the trade-in value Apple offered me was much less than what the device was selling for on eBay. I got more than twice the amount Apple was offering for trade-in. We'll see what future Mac Mini releases look like, but the M1 still felt fast and new after two years of use. I can't imagine the M2 needing an upgrade anytime soon.

Now, I am using my trusty Model M SSK Keyboard and a Logitech ERGO Wireless Trackball, along with an ultra-wide curved monitor connected to the Mac Mini M2. The ultra-wide monitor gives me more viewing space while taking up less desk space and does not waste one of my USB-C ports like the dual monitor setup from two years ago.