Server Maintenance


Anyone paying attention to this little blog might have noticed a server move post a few days ago. I pirated that post for something with a little more meat to it.

Full disclosure, I moved back to Linux for hosting the blog, but it is still hosted from home. While I loved my two-plus years hosting websites on FreeBSD, a few items now and then were bugging me with the nature of how I publish my website that I had difficulty with on FreeBSD. Mostly it was about how FreeBSD updates and the extra steps I had to perform to keep Python, Ruby, and the various plugins to those tools working. For my setup, it just runs more smoothly on a Linux install. Performance was terrific on FreeBSD, but performance is also excellent on the minimal Linux installation I have. No database and static web pages do not require much in the way of resources.

Having put the work in to build a new Linux VM, I felt inspired to check the natural health of what I have published over the years. This means I looked for any linkrot that might have cropped up. Surprisingly I found only a handful. Two of which were on my Iomega Zip Drive post and looked as if PCWorld altered their publishing software to have friendlier links. I was able to find the old articles and correct the links. Otherwise, I would have had to utilize the Internet Archive. The others were part of the Full Pint series of link dumps that I perform each month. Only one item disappeared, a MarkDown reference. It is ashamed when things disappear from the internet. Check your links, folks!

Anyway, I have not written anything in far too long here and thought it might be interesting to some to hear what I was up to. Expect the Full Pints to be served regularly now, maybe more frequently, and hopefully, I might be inspired to write more posts this year.